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Registered Sex & Violent Offenders

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The Investigative Services Division is responsible for monitoring the activities of sex and violent offender registrants within the City of Enid, enforcing offender registration laws, and communicating Megan's Law information to the public through education and notifications. 

For more information or questions about Enid's sex offenders please call us at (580) 242-7000.

The following information is being released by the Enid Police Department pursuant to Oklahoma State Statutes Title 57 Sections 582-587, Sex Offender Registration Act and the Oklahoma State Statutes Title 57 Sections 591-599, Mary Rippy Act.

The individuals identified on the links below have been required to register as a Sex Offender or Violent Offender by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and are currently residing in the City of Enid.

Links & Resources

Oklahoma Sex & Violent Crime Offender Registry Search 

The map below shows the areas (In Red) within the City of Enid that registered sex offenders are prohibited from living in (Unless otherwise allowed under specific sections of law).