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Kaw Lake Water Supply

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Securing Enid's Water for our Next Generation

Kaw Lake Water Supply LogoContinued urban growth in Enid and recent drought in northern Oklahoma have forced officials to explore long-term water supply options for Enid. The result is the development of a water supply project that is grand in scope and will transition the city from its sole reliance on groundwater to a mixture of both surface and groundwater. The program includes an intake at Kaw Lake, a pipeline, a water treatment plant, and distribution system.


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The program consists of four primary infrastructure construction projects:

  • A micro-tunnel intake to withdraw water from Kaw Lake;
  • 70-miles of raw water conveyance pipeline;
  • A new 10.5 million gallons per day (MGD) water treatment plant; and
  • Distribution system improvements.

The purpose of the program is to ensure sufficient clean, safe water to meet population projections, reduce average day demand on the regional aquifers by 35 percent, and remove 7.5 miles of cast iron pipe, which reduces pipes with lead-sealed joints.

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The Kaw Lake Alternative Water Supply Program will ensure the long-term availability of water to Enid residents, Vance Air Force Base, Woodring Regional Airport, local and outlying industry, neighboring municipalities and rural water customers.

Program Phases

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General Map of Pipeline Alignment

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  • How many gallons of water a day does Enid use right now?
  • How will this reduce pipes with lead sealed joints?
  • What tax increases or reserves are paying for this?
  • What tax increases or reserves are paying for this?
  • What’s next after 50 years?
  • Why are we building another water treatment plant?
  • Why not build a lake?
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