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Home Inspection Policy/ Sale of Property

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  • If the water is currently on, inspections may be made by the appropriate professional to fulfill the requirements of the real estate transaction.
  • If the water has been shut off, the agent or owner must contact the Utility Services Department prior to turning the water back on.
  • If the seller has a past due bill, this balance must be paid before the inspection can be completed.
  • Once the account has been reconciled, the Utility Services Department can turn on the water or give permission for a licensed plumber/inspector to turn on the water for the inspection.
  •  Once the inspection has been completed, it will be necessary to either call the Utility Services Department and request that the service be shut off or have the licensed plumber/inspector turn the water back off.

Please contact the Utility Services Manager at 580-234-0400 with any questions regarding this policy.