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Environmental Compliance

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Environmental compliance oversees environmental issues for the sewage treatment plant, the landfill, hazardous waste disposal, storm water and air issues for the City of Enid. We also answer questions/investigate problems addressed by the public.

Another major responsibility for environmental compliance is the implementation of the pretreatment program. The major objective of the pretreatment program is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the nation’s waters. The environmental compliance program provides local regulatory oversight of the federal pretreatment regulations and local limits for the City of Enid Water Pollution Control Plant. The environmental program oversees 12 Wastewater Discharge facility permits, which are deemed significant and have local limits.

The environmental staff works effectively with significant industrial users to protect the wastewater collection system, the sewage treatment plant, it’s staff, the public and the environment from harmful discharges.

Inspections and sampling are conducted at Enid’s industrial users. This office also provides around the clock availability for coordination with other departments, information concerning environmental issues, sampling of a suspected and routine nature and other services as required on an as needed basis.

Oil & Grease Program

City plumbing codes require restaurants and other commercial establishments that prepare food to install and maintain grease traps to prevent excessive amounts of grease and oils from entering the sanitary sewer collection system.

These establishments are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the grease traps in proper working order. Excessive amounts of grease discharged to the collection system can cause sewer backups and sanitary sewer overflows which cause increased operations and maintenance costs.

The environmental compliance staff conducts on site inspections of grease traps to ensure compliance. The City recommends that a 1,000 gallon grease trap be installed at all new and refurbished facilities.

How do I report an environmental concern or complaint?

The City of Enid Environmental Compliance office can be reached at 580-616-7302, M-F 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.