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Release of Impounded Vehicles

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Release of Impounded Vehicles

If you are seeking the release of a vehicle that was impounded by the Enid Police Department you must visit the police station, in person, at 301 W. Owen K. Garriott.  Please bring the necessary documentation as outlined below.  A department representative will confirm you have the required documents and sign the impound release form.  The signed impound release form must then be presented to the contracted tow company where the vehicle is stored.  Additionally, any associated fees for towing and storage must be paid directly to the tow company.  The Enid Police Department will not accept payment.  For questions or further assistance, please call us at (580) 242-7000.

If you are the registered vehicle owner seeking release of an impounded vehicle:

  • The vehicle will only be released to the registered owner or someone that has written authorization, notarized by the owner.
  • They must have a valid driver’s license in their possession.
  • The vehicle must have current registration and the license, registration, and title fee and penalties must be paid in full.
  • The original vehicle title or a recent title receipt must be presented.If the vehicle was recently purchased, a purchase agreement or sales contract may be used in lieu of title.
  • Proof of insurance or an affidavit that the vehicle will not be operated on public roadways must be presented.

If you are a lien holder seeking release of an impounded vehicle:

  • The lien holder must present a lien form and notarized bill of sale covering the vehicle.
  • The lien form must be typed.No handwritten lien forms will be accepted.
  • If the lien is not indicated on the vehicle registration then the lien is not considered valid and the vehicle will not be released.
  • The lien holder must execute a save and hold harmless agreement.
  • The lien holder must provide proof of financial responsibility indicating a net worth in excess of $50,000, or purchase a surety bond worth at least double the value of the vehicle being released.Any lending institution insured by the FDIC are presumed to meet the standard without showing proof.All other lien holders must provide an affidavit exhibiting facts that clearly establish their net worth.

If you are any other party claiming an interest and seeking release of an impounded vehicle:

  • A court order of replevin must be presented.
  • Insurance companies claiming an interest in a vehicle must present a valid salvage title, or valid lien and notarized bill of sale.