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Learn Not to Burn!

Planning a trip soon? A vacation somewhere away from it all or perhaps to a resort that is exciting and filled with all those luxuries that will spoil you for a short time.

Remember, when you decide to travel, it is up to you to become familiar with your new lodging. It isn't home and you can find yourself easily lost and confused. With all this in mind, here are a few tips that can help you in preparing a fire safe trip.

Plan Ahead

  • When you call to make your reservations, find out if the property has smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.
  • Upon arrival learn where the exits are. Don't wait until you unpack, DO IT NOW! Before you unlock your door, look to the left & right and locate two exits from your floor. Walk to each one, counting the number of doors between your room & the exit. The exits will be hard to find in a fire because of all the smoke unless you know their exact locations.
  • Find the fire alarms and fire extinguishers. Refresh your memory on how to use one.
  • NEVER smoke in bed. Careless handling of smoking materials is still a major cause of fires.
  • Become familiar with the window and air conditioning systems in your room. Know how to shut the A.C. off to prevent it from bringing smoke into your room.
  • Look on your phone to see how to report emergencies.

Know What to Do

  • If a fire starts in your room, get out quickly! Close your door to slow the spread of smoke & flames, sound the alarm & let the property management know where the fire is and what is burning.
  • If the fire is not in your room, leave it only if it is safe to do so, or you have been told to evacuate. If you decide to leave the room take your room key with you. In case your exits are blocked, you may have to return to your room.
  • Always use the stairwell, never use the elevators.
  • If you can't leave the room then stay there. To slow the spread of smoke into your room, use wet towels or sheets to block the crack under the door, & stuff them into the air vents. If the fire appears to be close to the window, remove the drapes. Fill the ice buckets with water to keep the towels & sheets damp.
  • Phone the front desk or the fire department to let them know your location. Try to signal the firefighters from your window.
  • Above all, don't panic! Keep your family together, stay calm and think. The danger probably is not as great as you believe it to be.