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Firefighter Physical Agility Testing

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Test elements and basic requirements.


Candidate shall complete a 1 ½ mile run within 13 minutes. A course has been laid out and will be explained to you by your evaluator. You must stay within the boundaries of the course as described. You may stop and/or walk a portion of the course but you must complete the required distance within the 13 minutes.



Candidate shall perform 35 bent-knee sit-ups within a 2 minute period. Hands must remain behind the head, and the back must come down so that the shoulder blades touch the floor. Elbows should touch the knees in the up position. Legs may be held for assistance.  A rest isit-ups allowed in the "up" position only.  Any sit-ups with incorrect form will not be counted.


The candidate shall complete 25 standard push-ups without stopping. (No specified time limit).  For the standard pushup, your body should be in a straight line from your shoulder to your ankles at all times.  No sagging or flexing.  The stopping point at the bottom of the movement for a standard pushup is to lower your body at least to the point that the upper aPush-uprms are parallel to the floor.  The chest can touch the floor, but cannot be used to create momentum and bounce out of the bottom of the pushup.  Press back up until your arms are fully extended.

Pull-up (option):  As an alternate to push-ups, the candidate may perform seven (7) pull-ups (palms away).  Candidate will begin from a hanging position will arms fully extended and complete seven (7) complete pull-ups bringing their chin above their hands.

Flexed-arm hang (option):  Also as an alternate to push-ups, the candidate may perform a flexed-arm hang (palms away) for a duration of 8 seconds.  Candidate will hang in a fully-up position with chin above hands for 8 seconds.

Balance Beam:

The candidate, given a beam secured to a level floor and measuring 20 ft. long by 3 to 4 inches wide, and given a rolled section of fire hose weighing at least 20 lb. shall walk the length of the beam, carrying the section of hose, without falling off, or stepping off the beam.

There is a marked section at the starting end of the beam. Candidate may practice and step on and off the beam in this area for a few moments prior to beginning the test. Once a candidate crosses the mark onto the main portion of the beam he/she must continue to the end of the beam without stepping or falling off. Candidates will have only one opportunity per testing session to complete the test.

Weight carry:

The candidate, given a weight of 125 lb. (barbell) shall lift the weight from the floor and carry the weight a distance of 100 feet without stopping or dropping/releasing the weight. A course will be indicated by the evaluator with a marker cone set at a 50 ft. distance from a starting point. Candidate must carry the weight past and around the cone, returning to the starting point for a total distance of 100 feet.

Lower back strength/flexibility:

The candidate, starting from an erect position with feet approximately shoulder-width apart, shall move a 15 lb. weight in the following manner:

Starting with the weight on the floor at a point between the feet, bend over and grasp the weight with both hands and lift it to waist level. The bend over and touch the weight to the floor approx. 12 inches outside the left foot, without releasing the weight with either hand. Raise the weight again to waist level and repeat this motion on the right side, touching the weight to the floor approx. 12 inches outside the right foot and return to a standing position with the weight at waist level.

Repeat this sequence of motion until the weight has been placed on each side a total of seven (7) times. The total horizontal distance of travel must be at least 21 inches greater than the space between the feet for each of the 14 moves. This exercise must be completed in less than 35 seconds.