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Our Mission

The mission of the Enid Fire Department is to save lives and protect property. This mission is divided into two major objectives. The first and foremost is the prevention of personal injury and the loss of life. The second objective is the protection of buildings and property. The Department fulfills these objectives through four separate but related operations: emergency response, fire prevention, education, and investigation.

In addition to fire suppression activities, firefighting and supervisory units respond to reports of medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, vehicular accidents, utility emergencies, weather related events, and general assistance calls. Response to emergency situations is less than 4 minutes on average.

Department Profile

The Enid Fire Department was created as a professional fire-rescue service by City ordinance on March 22, 1902. Today, the Department is composed of 80 uniformed personnel and two civilian employees quartered at five fire stations located within the City of Enid.

Department personnel belong to various professional organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association, Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association, Oklahoma State Firefighters Association, Fire Service Instructors of Oklahoma, Fire Marshals Association of Oklahoma, International Association of Fire Fighters, and the Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma.

To contact the Enid Fire Department:

Enid Fire Department
P.O. Box 1768
Enid, Oklahoma 73702