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Police Civil Service Commission

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Created by Charter, the Police Civil Service Commission enforces all rules for the qualification of officers, places, and employments in the Police Department of the City of Enid, and for the appointments and promotions therein, and the examination thereof. The Commission is also designated to hold hearings on written charges filed against officers of the Enid Police Department and pass their findings to the Chief of Police.

Board Membership and Qualifications:  Five members who are citizens of the city of Enid, one of whom shall be a member of the Enid Police Department and act as Secretary to the Commission.

Terms of Office:  Five years.

Schedule of Meetings:  Meets on call as needed.

Staff Member Assignment:  Capt. Gary Fuxa, Secretary, 580-616-7055.

Current Membership:
Gary Fuxa (Secretary)
    Scott Northcutt
    Ryan Jackson
    Ron Garrison
    Milton Mitchell