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Kaw Lake Funding Oversight Committee

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The City of Enid has developed the Kaw Lake Water Project to ensure the long-term availability of water to the residents of the City of Enid as well as other municipalities, rural water districts and other water customers. An election was held to approve a new sales tax and the extension of a current sales tax to fund the Kaw Lake Water Project, and the Kaw Lake Funding Oversight Committee was created to allow for the oversight over the expenditures of the sale tax monies collected.    

The Committee will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring the proceeds of the sales tax monies are spent in accordance with the ordinances governing these taxes;
  • Provide any recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Commissioners, as needed, through written report;
  • Report to the Mayor and Board of Commissioners with an annual progress report by June 30 of each year.

Board Membership and Qualifications:   Eight members, appointed by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners. The Committee shall be comprised of one representative of the City Commission appointed by the City Commission, one at-large representative appointed by the Mayor, and six representatives to be appointed, one from each ward by the respective Commissioner.

Terms of Office:  The Commissioner and the Mayor's appointee shall serve one (1) year; the Ward 1, Ward 3 and Ward 5 appointees shall serve two (2) years; the Ward 2, Ward 4 and Ward 6 appointees shall serve three (3) years.

Staff Member Assignment:  Erin Crawford, Chief Financial Officer.  580-616-7283.

Current Membership:

     Ward 1:  Wade Patterson   
     Ward 2:  Jason Turnbow  
     Ward 3:  Frank Baker
     Ward 4:  Alan Clepper
     Ward 5:  Jack Ramey
     Ward 6:  Mike Barnthouse
     At-Large:  Dan Randall
     Rob Stallings (Commission Representative)

2020 Meeting Schedule:

March 12, 2020  Noon  Lower Level Conference Room
June 11, 2020  Noon  Lower Level Conference Room
September 10, 2020  Noon  Lower Level Conference Room
December 10, 2020  Noon  Lower Level Conference Room


All meetings will be held at the City Administration Building, located at 401 West Owen K. Garriott Road, Enid, 73701.