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Kaw Lake Water Supply

Securing Enid's Water for our Next Generation

Continued urban growth in Enid and recent drought in northern Oklahoma have forced officials to explore long-term water supply options for Enid. The result is the development of a water supply project that is grand in scope and will transition the city from its sole reliance on groundwater to a mixture of both surface and groundwater. The construction will include an intake at Kaw Lake, a pipeline, a water treatment plant, and distribution system.

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The program consists of four primary infrastructure construction projects:

  • A micro-tunnel intake to withdraw water from Kaw Lake;
  • 70-miles of raw water conveyance pipeline;
  • A new 10.5 million gallons per day (MGD) water treatment plant; and
  • Distribution system improvements.

The purpose of the program is to ensure sufficient water quantity to meet population projections, reduce average day demand on the regional aquifers by 35 percent, and remove 7.5 miles of cast iron pipe, which reduces pipes with lead-sealed joints.


3-19-2019: At this night's commission meeting, a short presentation was given to show where we are at in the Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) process. (Link to Presentation)

3-14-2019: Kaw Lake Oversight Committee Meeting was held (Link to Agenda)

3-5-2019: Requests for Qualifications were sent out for the CMAR acquisition.

2-5-2019: CMAR was presented to the City Commissioners as an acquisition strategy. (Link to Presentation)

12-1-2018: Kaw Lake Oversight Committee Meeting was held (Link to Agenda)

11-1-2018: Kaw Lake Program selected to apply for federal funding. (Link to post)

Working on the Kaw Lake Water Supply Project

Working on the Kaw Lake Water Supply Project


The Kaw Lake Alternative Water Supply Program will ensure the long-term availability of water to Enid residents, Vance Air Force Base, Woodring Regional Airport, local and outlying industry, neighboring municipalities and rural water customers.

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Map of Program Phases
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General Map of Pipeline Alignment
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Working on the Kaw Lake Water Supply Project

Working on the Kaw Lake Water Supply Project

Environmental Logo This piece is critical in order to obtain the appropriate permitting and general knowledge of the land upon or within which we will be building. The environmental aspect of the project truly touches each piece of infrastructure. By integrating environmental services such as geotechnical surveys before the first pipe is installed, we reduce the surprises which will occur later on.
Intake Logo The intake refers to the infrastructure piece located at Kaw Lake. The engineering team chose a micro-tunnel design to minimize the impact to the lake. The building was carefully designed in order to decrease the aesthetic impact on lake-goers and people who travel along lakeside roads.
Pipeline Logo The pipeline is a approximately 70-mile long, 36-inch diameter pipe which will be placed underground in order to transmit water from Kaw Lake to the Water Treatment Facility in Enid. The pipeline requires a large amount of land acquisition and environmental considerations in order to be successful.
Water Treatment Plant Logo Once the water from Kaw Lake makes it to Enid, the surface water must be made safe to drink. This process will take place at the Water Treatment Plant. The plan is to blend the surface water with the ground water we are still collecting from wells to prevent any undesirable changes to the current system. The water will taste the same as the current water does so residents will not notice a difference in the water as we convert from 100% groundwater to a blend of surface water and ground water.
Distribution Logo Distribution refers to the way in which the water will be taken from the Water Treatment Plant to the water consumers. Without the distribution infrastructure, the water will be transmitted and treated with nowhere to go! This water main will provide water to residents by connecting with existing infrastructure.