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Certificate of Compliance OMMA

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Certificate of Compliance (Medical Marijuana)

A Medical Marijuana Certificate of Compliance (MMCC) is required by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) as part of the medical marijuana business license application for both new and renewal licenses. A medical marijuana business must comply with City codes relating to zoning, fire, waste, and specific building safety codes in order to receive a MMCC. Each type of OMMA license requires a separate MMCC application.

How to get a Certificate of Compliance 

Step 1

Required Documents


Step 2

Bring required documents to the Code Department

Payment is required at time of application. Plans and application will be reviewed for compliance of building codes, zoning and related ordinances. Fire, industrial waste, and construction inspectors will inspect the business location for compliance. Additional permits and inspections may be required before acceptance of your MMCC application.

A separate fee will be assessed for each MMCC type:

  • Dispensary - $150
  • Grow facility - $150
  • Processing facility - $150
  • Research facility - $150

Step 3

We will contact you once the application is fully signed and ready to be picked up. If construction work at your business requires a permit, a licensed contractor will be required to perform the work and to obtain the necessary permits from the Code Department. The licensed contractor will also contact us when the work has been completed to request the necessary inspections.