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The City of Enid Website Help and Accessibility Information

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Our website is under constant redesign to meet accessibility standards. If for any reason, you are unable to use this website to its full capacity, please contact the webmaster at We will make a reasonable effort to improve, fix or remove any information that is considered otherwise unviewable, unreadable, inappropriate, inaccurate, or misleading.

Language Translations
For various language translations, please visit our website translation page.

Style Sheets
Most of our web pages use style sheets. You can easily adjust your browser settings under "Accessibility" in the advanced tools tab of Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can override settings from websites and use your own pre-defined font sizes and colors.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Files
The City of Enid has a number of static and dynamic documents in PDF format. This is used to preserve the layout, content, and visibility of the documents. There are a number of FREE plugins and conversion methods to assist those using screen readers. In an effort to to assist those residents that use screen readers, the following has been compiled to help configure the web browser to accurately read PDF's:

Conversion Directly in Browser 
Firefox Add-On   View PDFs directly in Firefox as HTML by downloading and installing this free Firefox add-on.

Online Conversion Websites 
PDF Download Site   You can convert PDFS to HTML and they will be displayed directly in the browser by using this website.
Adobe Conversion Tool   You can convert PDFs to HTML by using the simple Adobe form online.

Email Conversion 
Google Email   Using a google email account, you can convert PDF, Excel, and Word documents by emailing them back to yourself and then viewing them as HTML. This HTML can be read by screen readers perfectly!
Adobe Conversion Tool   You can send an email to adobe and they will convert the PDF to HTML.