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City of Enid announces New Direction of Enid Television Network

Post Date:09/24/2019 7:00 PM

ENID, OK (September 24, 2019) –

The City of Enid announces its intent to discontinue cable television programming on Suddenlink Channels 11, 12, 111, and 112 as a goal to transition communication efforts toward internet based and digital platforms, such as, the website, mobile apps, and social media.

Transitioning to these platforms exclusively will allow the City to enhance citizen outreach, two-way communication, transparency, decreased or no production time, on-demand viewing, and gain partnerships on platforms citizens already use to a much greater degree than cable television.

“We’ve begun testing the engagement and reach on social media in the last three months with a few new segments, including Mini-Updates, Public Art Showcase, 4 or more Reasons, Stride Bank Center Promos, and Seen in Enid. We have seen approximately a 70% increase in reach and 25% increase in engagement already. We also have a number of new programs in mind to further citizen engagement,” says Derrick Silas, Director of Electronic Communications.

City Manager Jerald Gilbert is excited to move ahead with a sharper focus on internet based and digital platforms that will generate increased awareness and improved communication with the public about what their local government is doing. Gilbert said, “Utilizing these platforms will enhance our ability to educate, inform, and listen to our citizens.”

Assistant City Manager Scott Morris said, “We intend to gain more community partnerships and we will continue to keep the City of Enid government and Enid Television Network social media accounts for now to reflect the government channel (12/112) and the community channel (11/111). These social media accounts will continue to focus on government and community issues.”

City staff gave a presentation to the city council on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 about the direction and focus of future communication efforts. The transition to internet based and digital platforms will continue throughout the remainder of the year and the final day of cable television programming will be December 31, 2019.