Stormwater and Roadway Maintenance

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The Storm Water Department services all drainage channels and smaller ditches throughout the City of Enid by keeping the flood channels, storm drains and other drainage ways open and free of debris.

One of the largest tributaries starts on W. Oxford Road between Oakwood Road and Cleveland Street. This creek is known as Boggy Creek. Boggy Creek also has a west branch that starts on W. Willow Road between Garland Road and Oakwood Road. Both of these creeks flow to the south and come together at a fork on W. Chestnut between Oakwood Road and Cleveland Street. Boggy Creek flows to the south through Meadowlake Park. Part of this flood channel was constructed by the Army Core of Engineers, and it is the only flood channel constructed with a levy. The levy is located west of the Indian Hills addition.

There are other tributaries to Boggy Creek, such as, North Boggy Creek. This tributary starts just south of Purdue between Van Buren and Washington. Crosslin Lake discharges into North Boggy Creek, making this creek one of the larger flood control channels within the City Of Enid. CDBG dollars have been allocated for the maintenance of this flood channel. The total amount of CDBG dollars allocated for North Boggy Creek is $29,990. These dollars will help pay for the manpower and equipment needed for some of the repairs. These repairs will reduce flooding and improve the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Storm Water Department is combined with the Parks Department. The Parks and Storm Water Department makes a combined effort to handle all mowing and maintenance of the storm water ditches, flood channels, highways and city parks. With this combined effort, this department mows over 1,100 lane miles per round of mowing. This equates to about 4,400 lane miles per season. The total acres per one round of mowing equates to approximately 1000 acres within the city limits. The Parks and Storm Water Department also has over 10,000 utility poles, road signs, drainage flumes and gas meters to mow and trim around.