Main BreakWater Distribution has 17 employees assigned to them and they are responsible for all repairs along 270 miles of water lines, which include repairs and replacement of 6,000 water main valves, 19,000 customer water meters  and 1,750 fire hydrants. They average over 1,000 meter leaks repairs, 150 water main repairs (4” and larger) replace over 200 service lines, replace 17 fire hydrants, changed out over 600 water meters and 35 main water valves. They perform over 5,600 locates each year for other utilities and Public Service Departments.

Sewer Line Maintenance or Capacity Management Operations & Maintenance (CMOM) has eight employees who clean and video sewer and storm water lines while also handling sewer back-up problems. We have 291 miles of collection lines, 6,000 manholes, ten lift stations and two-storm water lift stations to maintain. Our CMOM program has been implemented to reduce back-ups and overflows and has been accepted by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

Problems or concerns about Water Distribution or Sewage Collection (CMOM) systems may be reported by calling 580-616-7351 on Monday thru Friday from the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 PM. On week-ends, nights, or holidays we can be notified of water problems by calling 580-231-0098. The sewer after hours phone number is 580-231-0114.