Street Division Traffic Division

The Street division is responsible for maintenance of 130 miles of concrete streets, 242 miles of asphalt streets, and 63 miles unimproved roads and streets. The department maintains unimproved roads by grading and reconstruction of ditchlines and roadway. The department maintains concrete and asphalt/slurry streets by patching, filling potholes, repairing water/sewer utility cuts and base failures. Other duties include ice and snow removal. The street division assist with work zones, detours for emergencies, parades and special events.

Street SignsThe Traffic division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of approximately 40,000 traffic control devices. This includes the preparation of drawings, standards and specifications, determination and layout of parking restrictions, design and placement of pavement markings, traffic signs and traffic control devices. Traffic Control maintains, installs, repairs, programs and calibrates all electronically controlled signal systems throughout the City. These systems include 54 signalized intersections,36 school lights and central business district streetlights. Other duties include creating, installing and repairing all regulatory, warning, direction and information signs, coordinating painting of 200 lane miles and thermoplastic street markings, traffic control plans. The department advises and assists other departments in traffic and technical issues.