Commercial Service

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Roll-off_containerThere are 4 commercial routes that are serviced by 3 front load commercial trucks and 1 rear load commercial truck. We also have 1 roll off truck that picks up commercial and industrial solid waste in large 30-yard open top containers and 40-yard compactors. The commercial trucks operate 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. There is one collector assigned to the commercial rear load truck. There are 6 people assigned to the commercial routes. 

Roll-Off Fees

The rental fee for one City owned 30 cubic yard and/or one 30 cubic yard open top container is a minimum of $15.00 per week. Each time the container is emptied there is a  $60.00 lift fee and a $28.00 per ton Landfill fee. Roll off containers must be emptied at least one time each month.

We do provide waste collection for organizations that are classified as "industrial" and we are open to discussing waste collection plans that offer competitive rates and quality service.  

Dumpster Fees

The minimum fee for one City owned 2 cubic yard commercial container, that is emptied once a week, is $23.31 per month. A 4 cubic yard container that is emptied once a week, is  $40.11 per month. Each additional yard is $8. We have various dumpster sizes available for rent (2, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yard capacity). 

Commercial Poly Cart

Poly Cart collections are available to commercial customers for a monthly fee of $17.85. Poly carts are emptied once a  week. The red containers have a capacity of 96 gallons and are used exclusively for bagged office trash.

Need an Additional Poly Cart?

Please contact Customer Service at 580-616-7316 or 580-616-7300, if you need an additional 96-gallon commercial polycart. The staff will assist you with your order and process your request.  Each additional polycart costs an additional $5.50 per month, which is automatically charged to your water bill.

Guidelines for Poly Cart Customers

Due to special handling requirements, DO NOT DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Put any liquids, especially motor oil, gasoline, anti-freeze or paint in your polycart.
  2. Put hot ashes in the container – always make sure your fireplace ashes and barbecue charcoals are cold and double bagged before placing in the container.
  3. Put soil, sand, uncut or untied branches, bricks, concrete, building material, auto parts, scrap metal, tires, and dead animals in the cart.
  4. Leave container in the street after your pick up day.

Customer Service can be reached at 580-616-7300.