City Parks

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The City of Enid has over 30 parks and recreation areas within the city limits. That's over 400 acres for you to get out and enjoy yourself. These areas include playing fields, lakes, and trails on which to relax or play. Enid has something for everyone!

Park  Baseball


Biking Concessions Exercise Track Fishing Football Lake Playground Pool Rest Rooms Shelter Skateboard Soccer Softball Tennis
American Business Club (AMBUC) Park X   X       X X X
Berry Park X
Champlin Park X
Champlin Swimming Pool           X
Champion Park X X X
Crosslin Park X       X   X X

David Allen Memorial Ballpark                         




Don Haskins Park X X X
Enid Skate Park            X X
Exchange Park X   X       X X
Glenwood Park           X X
Government Springs X X       X X X X X X
Hidden Park
Hoover Park          
Kellet Softball Park   X       X
LaMesa Park X         X
Lions Park X           X X
Meadowlake Park   X X X   X X X X X
Meadows Park X         X
Monsees Park   X         X X
Oakwood Nature Park          
Phillips Southern Heights Park X         X X
Sherwood Park           X
Skate Park
Soccer Complex   X       X
Vance Park           X X
WaterWorks Lake Park       X   X
Weldon Parks & Bird Sanctuary