Landfill Rules

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Speed Limits & Scale Ramp Rules

  1. Scale RampThere is a speed limit on the landfill of 20 MPH. Please obey the speed limit while on the landfill. There is heavy equipment operating on the same roads our public use, please use caution.
  2. Customers are asked to approach the scale house and enter the scale SLOWLY. If the light is RED wait at the STOP sign until the scale is clear and the light turn to GREEN.
  3. Be advised that all loads are subject to inspection at any time.
  4. The landfill does not take items that are classified as Hazardous Wastes, Toxic Wastes, Liquid Waste Oils, PCB's, Bio-Med Wastes, Radioactives, Burn Barrels, Mixed Class I and Class III or Other Unacceptable Wastes as determined by our management.
  5. Violators will be required to pay for clean-up and /or transportation to a State and/or Federal Regulated facility.