Training/Community Outreach

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  Captain Jack Morris
Jack Moris
  Lieutenant Gary Fuxa
Gary Fuxa

The mission of Training Division is to provide the best possible training for new officers, in-service officers, and police personnel from other agencies who avail themselves of our services. In support of the overall mission of the Enid Police Department, the Training Division will provide progressive and comprehensive training to develop policing skills, enhance leadership abilities, and promote a solid ethical foundation to all department members.

Training/Community Outreach is commanded by the Special Operations Division Captain and is supervised by one (1) Lieutenant.

The Lieutenant in the Training/Community Outreach division is responsible for the on-going training of all the officers of the Enid Police Department, making sure that all officers receive the amount of training mandated by the State of Oklahoma each year, as well as the required firearms qualifications. The Lieutenant also is responsible for orientating new officers and supplementing their basic training beyond the instruction they receive in the CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) basic academy. The lieutenant deals with numerous community organizations regarding special requests, neighborhood watch programs, child safety programs, and coordinates requests for off-duty security by Police Officers.