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The Enid Police Department offers a competitive compensation package. We are a progressive professional agency leading Northwest Oklahoma. A career in a community oriented law enforcement agency, such as ours, can be yours if you want a profession that offers: challenge, excitement, variety, teamwork, job satisfaction and career development.

The Enid Police Department takes its responsibility to the community seriously and must be thorough in order to ensure only the finest candidates are selected to become Enid Police Officers. The department is committed to recruiting, selecting, and training a diverse, qualified workforce to serve the Enid Community. We would like to extend to you an invitation to join one of the best police departments in the state.

Apply now to open the door to an exciting career that promises not to bore or suspend you in anticipation. Dare to make a difference in your community.

In addition to your base monthly salary there are many addition incentives and pay opportunities when you are employed with the Enid Police Department. When you factor in the many additional opportunities you may be eligible to receive you can see that the Enid Police Department offers a very competitive compensation and benefit package.

Some of the many additional benefits of working at the Enid Police Department you may be eligible for, in addition to your base salary:

  • Health care including dental and vision if you choose
  • State retirement in as little as 25 years on the Oklahoma Police Pension
  • You start accruing paid vacation upon your employment.
    Years of Service    Hours of Vacation Accrued Per Year  
     1-9  120 hours  
     10 - 14  160 hours  
     15 or more  200 hours  
  • In addition to paid vacation employees also receive 20 hours of paid personal time.
  • The City currently recognizes 11 paid holidays with over time paid for anyone required to work a holiday:

    1. New Year's Day (January 1);
    2. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Third Monday in January);
    3. President's Day (third Monday in February);
    4. Memorial Day (the last Monday in May);
    5. Independence Day (July 4);
    6. Labor Day (the first Monday in September);
    7. Veteran’s Day (November 11);
    8. Thanksgiving Day;
    9. Friday after Thanksgiving Day;
    10. Christmas Eve (December 24);
    11. Christmas Day (December 25).
  • Paid sick leave: Sick leave accrue at the rate of twelve (12) work days with pay per year of service, with a maximum accrual of ninety (90) eight (8) hour or seventy-two (72) ten (10) hour days. 
  • Sick leave buy back for unused sick leave.
  • The department has a new state of the art gym and training center which is available to employees 24/7. 
  • The Department has a physical fitness incentive that if employees obtain can receive additional 30 hours of base pay or 30 hours of paid leave time off. 
  • Shift differential pay is available for officers working either 2nd or 3rd shift. 
  • If assigned to one of the departments other divisions, special units or as a training officer you are also eligible for additional assignment pay. 
  • The police department also pays longevity pay beginning your 5th year and continues to a maximum payment for 25 or more years.
  • The police department also pays education pay and intermediate and advanced certification pay of up to $200 extra per month. 
  • There is also a 50% education tuition reimbursement up to $1000 per semester for officers wanting to take college level or trade education courses.
  • You also receive ammunition pay to purchase ammunition for your duty weapon.
  • You may also be eligible for a bi-lingual incentive. 
  • You normally work a 4/10 schedule, working 4 days on and 3 days off. 
  • The police department has a take home car program in which if eligible, you will be assigned a police unit that only you drive while working and are allowed to drive it to and from your residence for work, keeping the vehicle at your residence.

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