Maintenance Division

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The Maintenance Division consists of the Master Mechanic and three Assistant Mechanics. Each mechanic works on one of the three shifts of the Department to assure the rapid repair of apparatus and equipment during emergency situations.

The Prevention and Inspection Division is responsible for determining the cause and origin of all complex or suspicious fires and obtaining evidence for analysis and possible use during judicial proceedings.

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the scheduled preventive maintenance and repair of all apparatus and equipment. Mechanics are also responsible for facility maintenance. Work orders and repair records are computerized for fast access and tracking.

The certification of all fire engines is another important task that is accomplished annually by the Maintenance Division. The certification test insures that fire engines are capable of pumping a sufficient quantity of water at desired pressures for a predetermined period of time.

All mechanics are certified to repair the Department's self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). All SCBA air pressure regulators are computer tested annually or after repair by the Maintenance Division.

The Maintenance Division also assists with the preparation of new apparatus bid specifications for the Department.