Medical Marijuana Certificate of Compliance

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Certificate of Compliance (Medical Marijuana)

Starting August 30, 2019 all business applicants will be required to submit a Certificate of Compliance from the political subdivision that has jurisdiction where the business is located per the OMMA guidelines.

In an effort to better suit our customers, the City of Enid has put into place a process of how to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.

A Medical Marijuana Certificate of Compliance (MMCC) is required by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) as part of the medical marijuana business license application for both new and renewal licenses. A medical marijuana business must comply with City codes relating to zoning, fire, waste, and specific building safety codes in order to receive a MMCC. Each type of OMMA license requires a separate MMCC application.

Municipal Code:2014, 2-6B-20


  • Dispensary - $150
  • Grow facility - $150
  • Processing facility - $150
  • Transporter facility - $150

How to get a Certificate of Compliance 

Step 1

Required Documents

Step 2

Bring required documents to the City of Enid Code Department at 401 W. Owen K. Garriott Enid, OK 73701.

Submit Certificate of Compliance Application and MMCC Inspection form. There will be a $150 fee for each inspection that must be paid before the inspection is scheduled. The business type(s) will be identified and reviewed for zoning and building code related compliance. 

Bring all required documents and the completed Medical Marijuana Certificate of Compliance Plan Review form to the Code Department. You will be assessed a $150 separate fee for each MMCC type. Payment is required before accepting the MMCC application and the inspection is scheduled. The Construction Inspectors and Fire Marshall will review the application and conduct inspections for compliance. The review process generally takes 2-3 days unless other circumstances delay the process.

Step 3

One of two possible determinations will be made concerning your MMCC application.

1. The business type(s) complies, and you will need to come the the Code Office to receive you singed Medical Marijuana Certificate form.

2. Additional permits, repairs, or inspections may be required before acceptance of your MMCC application.

For any questions please fell free to contact us at (580) 616-7213