Code Administration

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The Code Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of all building codes, issuance of permits for building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits and the inspection of code compliance throughout the building process.

Additionally, this department is responsible for the licensing of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors; the inspection of all new construction; the remodeling and all other work for which a permit is required; and the inspection of places of public assembly, restaurants, taverns, mobile home parks, salvage yards, oil wells, gas wells and other land requiring annual license permits. It is also responsible for enforcement of all nuisance ordinances for the City of Enid.

Contact Information:

Code Official: 580-616-7221
Development Services Coordinator: 580-616-7213
Electrical Inspector: 580-616-7214
Building Inspector: 580-616-7224
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector: 580-616-7222
Property Inspectors: 580-616-XXXX (7220, 7223, 7228)