Tornadoes and High Wind


Tornadoes are dangerous because of their high winds and ability to lift and move heavy objects. If a tornado warning is issued, seek shelter immediately. Go to your safest available location.

In your Car:

  • STOP and look to see whether the tornado is moving toward you or in a different direction.
  • If it appears to be getting bigger, it’s moving toward you. You now will need to make a decision on where to seek shelter.

In a Public Building:

  • Move to an interior space on the lowest floor, preferably a basement, stairwell or hallway.
  • Look for a shelter with as many secure walls as possible between you and the outside.
  • Avoid windows.

At Home:

  • Go to a basement, storm shelter or windowless room near the center of the house.
  • Cover yourself and children with mattresses and or pillows and stay down.

In a Mobile Home:

Leave and go to the nearest secure building.

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