Building Permits

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How do I obtain a building permit?

Step 1

Determine your type of construction and select the appropriate check list.  This list contains all of the information that will need to be submitted in order to obtain a permit.  Once you have all of the required information you are ready to submit the application to the Code Department.

        Single Family & Two Family Dwelling Checklist (PDF)
        Multi Family, Commercial & Industrial Checklist  (PDF)
        Application for Construction (PDF)
        Contractor Bond, Bond Checklist & Workman Comp Exemption (PDF)      
        License-Permit Application  (PDF)  
        Code Department Permit Fees (PDF)
        Additional Permit Fees  (PDF)
        Utilities Fees & Charges (PDF)

Step 2 

Submit your permit package to the Code Department.  Your submittal will be reviewed by the Code Department and the Engineering and Fire Departments (if applicable) to determine if your project is in compliance with construction codes, zoning and City of Enid ordinances.  Staff may contact you during the review process if they have any questions.  Your response to any questions staff may have is critical to the approval process.  The City of Enid is committed to the approval times as stated on the items Needed to Secure a Building Permit Checklist however, incomplete applications may result in a delay in the approval process.

Step 3

You will receive notification that your application has been approved.  Upon receipt of the permit fee, your permit will be issued granting you permission to legally start construction.  You must proceed as approved in the review process and you must call for all inspections that are indicated on your permit.

If you choose to submit your permit electronically you can do so by emailing your complete permit package to

For commercial projects and new residential construction you are required to post the permit in a window or other prominent location at the construction site and keep a copy of the approved building plans on site.

Bring any proposed changes to the attention of the Building Official immediately.  Changes may require another review and approval in the same manner as the original application

If you have any questions you may contact us at 580-616-7213, we would be more than happy to assist you.