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Local City of Enid operated airport with a manned tower.

The Accounting Department coordinates the financing and the accounting for all the programs and services offered by the City and its subsidiary districts. Some of the areas of responsibility include long-range financial planning, budget management, accounts receivable/cashiering, accounts payable, payroll, general accounting and reporting, debt administration and the administration of assessment districts, community facilities districts and other fee districts.

Animal Control 
All dogs, cats, ferrets and pot bellied pigs over the age of six months are required to be licensed and possess a city ID tag. These licenses are obtained at the Enid Police Department.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 
The City of Enid CDBG Program strives to: Address obstacles to meeting underserved needs, foster decent housing, public housing improvements & resident initiatives.

City Attorney's Office 
The City Attorney represents the City of Enid. The office also advises the City Council, City Departments, and City Boards and Commissions regarding legal and regulatory matters of concern to the City and its operations. In addition, the office represents the City in all civil lawsuits and administrative proceedings filed against or on behalf of the City. The City’s Legal Department is divided into two divisions: Legal Services and Muncipal Court.

City Clerk 
The City Clerk is responsible for the care of the official records and documents of the City, and for providing and maintaining legal and historical records and information. The City Clerk also coordinates all municipal and special elections held by the City, coordinates the annual Board and Commission recruitment process, administers a citywide records management program, and coordinates the updating of the Enid Municipal and Zoning Codes.

The City Clerk's Department receives all water utility payments, and issues contractor and miscellaneous business licenses, alarm, garage sale and park shelter permits.

City Manager 
The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer, appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the City Council. The City Manager manages the City’s business and implements the Council’s plans and orders.

Code Department 
The Code Department is responsible for the current and future planning and zoning activities within the City of Enid and all urbanized areas of Garfield County, in addition to the administration and enforcement of all building codes, issuance of permits for building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits and the inspection of code compliance throughout the building process. 

Community Development 
The mission of Development Services is to provide oversight and administrative resources for Planning & Environmental Services, Development Services (Permit Center, Building Permits & Processing, Plan Checks) and to maximize competition for public project contracts (Contract Procurement) while maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity.

The E-Communications Department assists in the development and management of strategic communications to keep the public, media, and target audiences informed of programs, issues, and accomplishments for the purpose of conveying the most positive message to the residents of the City of Enid. 

Emergency Management 
The City of Enid Department of Emergency Management is responsible for disaster preparedness, public safety communications and maintaining cooperative relationships with City departments, City officials, federal, state, county agencies and the general public.

The Engineering Department provides quality, cost effective engineering services to the public. In addition, the division coordinates and provides a broad range of technical and engineering support to various City departments. 

Environmental compliance oversees environmental issues for the sewage treatment plant, the landfill, hazardous waste disposal, storm water and air issues for the City of Enid. We also answer questions/investigate problems addressed by the public.

Enid Public Transportation Authority (EPTA)  
Enid Transit offers a fixed route system for the general public. This allows them to structure their rides to meet their needs. Enid Transit also offers a shared ride, curb to curb service for seniors and disabled that meet ADA guidelines. To receive service on this system, passengers must make their request for transportation the day before service is needed. It is our goal to provide safe, reliable, affordable transportation to the citizens of Enid.

The Mission of the Enid Fire Department is to serve the public and to safeguard the community by preventing or minimizing the impact of emergency situations to life, environment, and property by responding to both emergency and non-emergency requests for service.

Human Resources 
The Human Resources Department is responsible for administering Human Resources policy, procedures, and practices. We provide vision and leadership to promote an environment that values excellence, diversity, autonomy, creativity, and productivity at all levels of the organization.

Information Technology 
The Information Technology (IT) Department was created to ensure the city's information needs were met. The department is responsible for all technology related issues concerning the City of Enid.

The Enid Public Library, your community resource for information and enrichment, provides public access to an excellent collection of books and other materials. The Library provides programs and services for patrons of all ages.

Meadowlake Golf Course 
Meadowlake Golf Course is an 18 hole Municipal Golf Course. The golf course is tree lined with narrow fairways and several holes are boarded by Meadowlake and its streams.

Municipal Court 
The Municipal Court handles violations of the City Charter and City ordinances, including State traffic laws adopted by ordinance. The City Charter establishes the existence of the city court function and the rules governing court proceedings. Bond schedules and rates for parking violations are established in the City Code.

Parks and Recreation 
The Parks Department operates one of the most active parks and recreation programs in northern Oklahoma. It manages over 400 acres of park property and over 10 acres of recreation facilities including Meadowlake Golf Course (an 18-hole Golf Course and Practice Range). 

The Enid Police Department is committed to providing quality service and fostering partnerships with all community members through ongoing daily, direct, and positive contacts. We are committed to being responsive to community needs, promoting mutual trust, and delivering a quality of service that meets or exceeds the standards and expectations of the people we serve. 

Public Relations
The Public Relations department is the primary communication avenue between city officials and the media.

The safety department is committed to the health and safety of the city of Enid employees and community. The safety's belief system is that the only acceptable level of injuries or incidents is zero. To achieve this goal, the safety department continuously improves its processes  

Solid Waste 
There's more to successful solid-waste disposal than "picking up the garbage." It has to be done in a manner that satisfies not only the individual customer, but also the community and the environment.

Stormwater and Roadway Maintenance  
Traffic conditions on residential streets can greatly affect neighborhood livability. When our streets are safe and pleasant, the quality of life is enhanced.

Technical Services
Technical Services advises and assists other departments on traffic and technical issues. Systems include signalized intersections, school lights, networking, mobile communications, and microwave communications. 

Utility Maintenance  
Utility Maintenance consists of both the sewer collection line maintenance and the treatment plant.

Utility Services 
The function of Utility services is to produce and maintain billing records for over 21,000 utility accounts and assist citizens with service or billing issues. The reading of the water meters and billing of the accounts is performed on a monthly cycle basis. Hand held electronic reading devices and radio receivers are used to obtain and input the necessary data. 

Water Production
Our mission is to provide a reliable supply of high-quality, safe drinking water and efficient cost effective services consistent with sound environmental and safety practices.