Enid Television Network Advisory Board


The Public Access Television Advisory Board was created to provide the residents of the city of Enid with the training and equipment necessary to produce non-commercial, non-profit, community television programming to be shown on the local public, educational, and governmental access channels.  

The Board will be responsible for:

  • Keeping the Mayor and Board of Commissioners informed on all PEG related matters;
  • Making recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Commissioners regarding relevant emerging technologies and other broadcast options;
  • Promoting and developing optimal utilization of the PEG system;
  • Promoting community outreach and providing a forum for citizen recommendations and concerns with regard to the use of facilities, programming and other related issues;
  • Promoting collaboration and support for community television that will generate an on-going commitment to providing the resources necessary for quality community television. 

Board Membership and Qualifications:   Seven members, appointed by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners. The Mayor, at his/her discretion, may also appoint one City Commissioner to serve as an ex-officio member of the Board.

Terms of Office:  Three years.

Staff Member Assignment:  Steve Kime, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  580-616-7258.

Meeting Schedule:  Meets on call as needed.

Current Membership:

     Penny Bishop
     Dallas Krout
     Mark Keefer
     Sherry Stotts
     Allison Davis
     Jack Quirk
     Curtis Tucker
     David Vanhooser (Commission Representative)