Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals


Hears appeals of decisions and interpretations of the Code Official, and considers variances of the technical codes.

Board Membership and Qualifications:  Nine members consisting of individuals with knowledge and experience in the technical codes, specifically as follows:
  • One registered design professional who is a registered architect;
  • One registered design professional with structural engineering experience, or a building contractor;
  • One building contractor, or a member from the building industry;
  • One registered design professional with electrical engineering experience, or a licensed electrical contractor;
  • One licensed electrical contractor, or a licensed electrical journeyman;
  • One registered design professional with mechanical experience, or a licensed mechanical contractor;
  • One licensed mechanical contractor, or a licensed mechanical journeyman;
  • One registered design professional with plumbing experience, or a licensed plumbing contractor;
  • One licensed plumbing contractor, or a licensed plumbing journeyman.

Terms of Office:  Three years.

Meeting Schedule:  Meets on call as needed.

Staff Member Assignment:  Angela Rasmusan, Code Official, 580-616-7221.

Current Membership:
    David Tydings
    John Merz
    Ken Corbin
    Tim Jines
    Monty Gearhart
    Leonard Boehm
    Randy Maxey
    Raymond Barwick

   Construction Board of Adjustment Checklist (PDF)
   Construction Board of Adjustment Variance Application (PDF)